5secrets | What’s your “PLAN” for the Volatile Financial Markets?
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What’s your “PLAN” for the Volatile Financial Markets?

What’s your “PLAN” for the Volatile Financial Markets?

Since last week of Feb 2020, for the last 10 days Financial Markets tumbled from their all time high
• NASDAQ down 12%
• DOW down 12%
• FTSE down 16%
• Hangseng down 10%
• Nikkei down 17%
• Shangai Down 3%
• SENSEX down 10%
Trillions of dollars wiped out from Global Financial Markets. Whats going to happen now in Next 2 weeks, 2 months or rest of the year. There aren’t many who are ready to confidently commit what is going to happen.
But irrespective of what is going to happen, every one must have a plan. Do note- There is no Single Plan that suits for all. There are Investors with lot of cash waiting like hawks to pounce on distressed stocks and buy them cheap, on the other hand there are many who have put all their savings in high risk investment and looking at severe liquidity crunch in the coming months.
Based on the Financial Status every one must have a plan to make most out of these volatile times. One can try this simple simulator to check suitable plan of action in the coming days
Find out your plan by clicking

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